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Compliance Minder - Security Licence Manager
Compliance Minder




Keep track of your security business

Compliance minder is an easy-to-use program that keeps track of all employee and employer security licencing, other licencing, contracts, business and IP registration and business insurances.
Compliance minder automatically reminds you prior to the date that your staff or contractors licences, insurances, first aid certificates etc. are up for renewal.  You can even add your own reminders for other business related items as well as personal reminders such as birthdays and holidays.
Easy to use

Easy set-up

Set up employee fields, quickly and easily.  Enter in employee details and important reminders, then set reminder dates and Compliance Minder takes care of the rest for you.




Automatic reminders

Compliance minder automatically reminds you, when you log onto your computer, about renewal dates, events and other important registrations you may have coming up.




Completely customised

With the customised fields feature of the enterprise version you can set reminders for practically anything.  From business insurances to birthdays and everything in between, it’s the flexibility you need for your monitoring centre.



Live Updates

Live updates

Compliance minder has a live update feature, which allows you to receive any software updates with the click of a button.



Free for up to 5 staff


The standard version of compliance minder enables you to keep track of security licencing and first aid requirements for up to 5 staff.   The commercial version has provisions for 6-10 staff and the enterprise version enables you to have unlimited staff and add your own customised fields so you can keep track of almost anything.  The best thing about compliance minder is that the standard version is free, so if you’re a small monitoring centre with 5 or less staff licences to keep track of you can get your copy of compliance minder today for nothing.

Free Software Download Now


The standard version of Compliance Minder is free, so you can get your copy of compliance minder today for nothing.  Use the link above to subscribe to our newsletter - Once your email address is confirmed you'll be given the link to download.


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