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A better bureau relationship


Maintaining your monitoring centre database can be quite a big task, but if you’re a CAMS and SG2 monitoring centre, Bureau Link can save you time and money on database upkeep.

Save time

Save time! Cut data entry in half

With Bureau link you can cut your data entry down by letting your bureaus do it for you.  Bureau link is a great communication tool for CAMS and SG2 users with a lot of bureaus, as it results in better and more secure communication between the bureau and the monitoring centre, without compromising database security.

Bureau Communication

More secure bureau communication

Bureau link is very different from most web based bureau communication modules.  It is highly secure and user friendly.  The security of your database is safer with Bureau Link because it uses secure encrypted duplex data synchronisation between the monitoring centre and bureau.

Secured by VPN

Your own private link

Bureau Link is like your own secure encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) only between you and enabled bureaus that have permission from you.  The system is very secure because a bureau must have AIM software and the encrypted Bureau Link device to connect to your monitoring centre.

Transparent data entry

Transparent data entry for all client info

Bureaus can upload information for new and existing clients and instantly populate your CAMS system, ready for you to start monitoring.  Bureaus can do all their own data entry for zone lists, user lists, contact information and client details.

Security rights restricted

Customisable access rights

All data has various access levels, which you can set for your bureaus so they can only change what you want them to.  Bureaus can also, with the proper permission rights, download their own reports, history logs and client information.

Communicate with your bureaus

Start communicating with your bureaus today

Bureau link is an intelligent tool for monitoring centres.  Simply upload the additional module to your CAMS software and you are ready to receive data from all Bureau link enabled Bureaus.

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