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SG2 CMS Redundancy & Service Delivery Technology


The SG2 keeps your monitoring centre up and running all the time.

The SG2 prevents downtime if your receivers or PSTN lines fail and re-routes transmissions if your lines become congested or experience busy no/answer tone.
Inteligent Switching for failures

Intelligent switching protocol for your PSTN

The SG2 provides your monitoring centre with Intelipath, a patented alarm delivery protocol that is available exclusively via the SG2.  In the event that your PSTN lines go down or your monitoring centre receivers fail, Intelipath will automatically redirect your critical alarm transmissions via your SG2.  Your lines and receivers could go down and you could still be receiving alarm transmissions via Intelipath.


Inteligent Overflow Switching

Avoid system outages and transmission congestion

Intelipath also takes care of transmission congestion and busy/no answer tone, so if your receivers aren't coping all you're important alarm transmissions overflow to the SG2.


More Transmission Paths

Give your customers a higher level of security via secure, multiple transmission paths

The SG2 enables your monitoring centre to receive Surepoll - Australia's favourite high-security alarm transmission system, so you can monitor your clients with GSM, GPRS, 3G, IP or optional satellite. 



Secure communication for your peace of mind

All Surepoll transmissions can be received by the SG2 via Virtual Private Network link or GPRS.  All transmissions are fully encrypted, deciphered at the monitoring centre, and then displayed via your alarm monitoring software of choice.



Co-location available with SG2

The SG2 receiver not only performs as a receiver for alarm transmission and redundancy but it also has the ability to provide automatic co-location.  Simply install two SG2's at two different sites and if the primary SG2 or monitoring centre fails, then the secondary SG2 will start receiving transmissions instantly and automatically.


 BureauLink Communication

Communicate more securely with your Bureaus

The SG2 allows CAMS monitoring centres to receive secure communications from Bureaus that are Bureau Link enabled.  Bureau link allows your bureaus to do all the data entry, including zone lists, user lists, contact details, schedules and comments, for all their customers, saving you time and money.  The best part is that Bureau Link communicates with the SG2 via virtual private link, which makes it the most secure Bureau communication tool on the market.



An affordable option for your CMS

The SG2 is available to all Suretek members for a discounted price and for approved customers the SG2 can be leased when you have a Surecall One3 number with us.  The SG2 is totally affordable and price comparative to your average alarm receiver, with one exception; it has twice the features and capabilities, making it the solution you can afford.

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